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Robin Burby

Robin Burby  MATCM   MBAcC

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Royal Society of Medicine Senior Associate

BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine
BMed (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
BSc (Hons) Business Administration

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Besides traditional Chinese medicine treatments, Robin also provides classes teaching qigong, Shuang Yang (similar to taichi) and traditional Chinese gongfu (kung-fu) in Guildford.

Robin is a qualified instructor from the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association and has been student of the art for nearly 15 years and has studied extensively both in the UK and in Singapore.

Qigong & the Shuang Yang

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) can be translated as the art of energy and is an ancient system of gentle movements performed from a standing position. Benefits include calming the body and mind down, gently stretching out the body and recharging the body and mind by teaching you very deep relaxation and breathing techniques that especially benefits those with respiratory and stress-related problems.

The Shuang Yang, or it's full name in English the 'Sun-frost white crane soft and gentle art' is an exercise very similar to taiji (tai-chee) that can be thought of as moving qigong in that it keeps the body healthy and fit on both the outside and inside, and in fact provides more benefit the older you get. The Shuang Yang also has a martial aspect to it and so is a genlte way of learning a martial art. Both qigong and the Shuang Yang may be performed by kids as young as 9/10 right up till 90/100!

Please call Robin on 07515 727195 if you are interested in attending.

Tiger-Crane Combination Gongfu

Tiger-crane gongfu (kung-fu) is a traditional shaolin martial art originating from southern China. Southern Chinese gongfu is a martial art centred around your stance (i.e. the way you stand and move) and deals with very close contact fighting.

The tiger element is characterised by a solid yet mobile ‘immovable stance’ which produces ‘springy or internal strength’. This means that the power with which strikes are made do not depend on your physical strength but rather are a culmination of all your body’s muscles working in unison to result in a single strike thus producing internal damage.

The white crane style is thought of as the apex of martial arts evolution by effectively avoiding all strikes by complete relaxation in the body whilst ‘sticking’ to your opponent to thus exploit their missed attacks, traditionally striking at the body’s most weak and vulnerable areas, therefore not requiring great strength.

The combination of tiger and crane styles developed an entire system of hand patterns and complete shaolin weapon system that Nam Yang Pugilistic Association is founded upon, and goes well beyond some schools or styles which have just one pattern in the tiger-crane style.

The Gongfu is much more physically demanding and so is generally not suited to children given there is only an adults class available in Guildford.

Please call Robin on 07515 727195 if you are intersted in attending.

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